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Madrassa is where reading, memorizing, illustrations and melodious recitations of the Holy Qur’ân take place. It is the first institution where children study about Islam. Young minds learn about Almighty Allah(swt) and his final Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who is the greatest benefactor to humanity. They are taught in their mother tongues about their faith by dedicated teachers. The Madrassa has a syllabus with structured books written by Ulema and caters for all ages and standards from elementary to high. At Madrassa Al-Ansar, the teachers are committed to provide quality Islamic knowledge.
Time: Saturdays 10:00 am to 1:30 pm


Sister Shalina (347) 358-7839

Bro. Asheek

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The Holy Qur’an, Fiqh, Islamic Beliefs, Islamic Moral & Ethnics, History & Hadith


Brother Asheek

Sister Shalina

Sister Sally

Children Classes

Madrassah at Masjid Al Ansar located 161-34 Foch Blvd Rochdale NY 11434 start TBD. Classes every Saturday from 10am to 1PM.

Teacher: Shalina Habib, Sister Sally

Start Date: TBD

End Date: TBD